The Age of Madness

Commonly Used French Phrases, Words & Their Meanings

There are a lot of phrases and words frequently used in Louis Prudomme’s Dictionary of People who were condemned to death. They will have you chained to an online translator for eternity. To make it easier for you, I’ve listed some of those words and phrases that show up on a regular basis with their simple definitions

l’ainethe oldest sonconvaincuconvinced
cadetthe youngest son dit/ditealso know as
jeuneyoung, junior, youthci-devantfrom before, former
filssonséantecourt assembly
fille majeurdaughter/girl of legal aged’arrêtarrest. warrant
veuvewidowfauxfalse, fake
compliceaccompliceévénementevent, occasion

Phrases to Understand

exècuted avec une chemise rouge(convicted assassins) executed in a red shirt or similar piece of red clothing
mis hors la loioutlawed, outlaw
de fersmany meanings, but in this context, it means “iron” most likely ‘in chains”
où il étoit dentenuwhere he was detained

Brief Meaning of Charges and Crimes

brigand de la Vendeeone who lives by plunder usually as a member of a band
(m)conspirateur/conspiratrice (f)one who conspires, a conspirater
fédéralisteadhering to a political system * see definitions of federalism
prévaricateura corrupt official
émigréfleeing the country
réfractairestrong opposition to the law
contre-révolutionairecounter-revolution; fighting against the emerging French republic

Meanings of Punishment

condamnés à mortecondemned to death
condamnés à la deportationcondemned to exile
condamnés à la detentioncondemned to prison (for a period of months or years)

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