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The Dictionaries of Victims in the French Revolution

ed of crimes, and then executed during the French Revolution, preferably online? There are three online sources that I know of. Louis Marie Prudhomme’s two volume books available at GoogleBooks, the Rathelot collection hosted by FamilySearch and 10 volumes of the names of the condemned executed in Paris. Here you could find a wealth of genealogical information. Several genealogy sites carry the searchable databases of names of Prudhomme’s volumes of the French people condemned to death during the French Revolution but with a paid subscription. One disadvantage is they fail to to include the detailed descriptions of the charges against the accused. Easy to understand. It’s all in French. You can use an online translator to understand the details of their crimes. There are many exciting stories of assassination attempts, conspirators, death of political priests, prison plots, fighting brigands, and much more.

To look for the names and information of those who were brought to trial and condemned to death, there are three sources I recommend

Louis M. Prudhomme’s books  (1796). ‘Dictionnaire des individus envoyés à la mort judiciairement: révolutionnairement et contre-révolution, pendand la révolution France ‘ Volumes I and II

This is a wealth of information, but it’s all in French. An online translator is a must.. You’ll find an alphabetical listing of 14,000 individuals recorded and executed for various crimes. The information you might find are the ages, profession, military, detailed criminal charges, place of birth, place of residence, date of trial, the cities or departments for the place of trial of the person. The dictionary contains spelling faux pas, altered surname spellings, and towns recorded in the wrong departments. Two blaring examples of errors found in Louis Prudhomme’s dictionaries lists Lyon recorded as being in the department of Seine, and Paris being in the department of Mayenne et Loire (!) We know that’s not right.

All the names of the executed are in alphabetical order. Not all of them were executed by guillotine. These dictionaries by Louis Prudhomme are available at Google Books for download, but also each volume can be downloaded from this site.


  • Volume 1 : names that begin with A-H, ( page 105 to 606)
  • Volume 2: names that begin with I-Z (page 11)

The beginning of the first volume contains pages of historical information. Unfortunately for those of us who are ‘English” language only people, we won’t have the pleasure of reading, what looks like to be, exciting accounts of the people, the events, and the background information that started and occurred during the events of the French Revolution.

The second volume also offers two additional supplements of people after the original dictionaries were published. The first Supplement contains names of the people and their information who were executed in Paris as conspirators in the 4th & 5th year of the French Republican calendar, Supplement II offers, yet again, the names of the condemned to death in year 1793- an 2. You can find those who were executed in Paris as conspirators in the 4th and 5th year of the French Republican calendar, index of the last names of women and daughters with their married and maiden names, the corrected spelling errors from both Prudhomme’s volumes, and those who faced a firing squad for their crimes In the city of Saumur year (an) II, in the city of Angers by the Military Commission an 2, and the individuals who were punished to death by firing squad (or just shot) on the orders of Jean-Baptiste Carrier at the Tribunal of Nantes. This does not include the deaths by drowning and by other atrocities ordered by him.

It’s time consuming but typing the data of the charge of crimes in an online translator can provide understanding. To make it easier to find the beginning of each ‘letter’ page from the dictionaries, click on each letter to browse through:


you’ll be scrolling and scrolling and scrolling through each letter. I am working on a searchable database so you can find the name you’re looking with all the information the Prudhomme’s dictionaries provide. There are additional supplement names at the end of ‘Z’ , plus those who were condemned as conspirators. I think you’ll find more information of them in the volumes of the executions in Paris during the ‘Reign of Terror’.

Executions in Paris 1793-1794

Ten volumes of the Liste générale et très-exacte des noms, âges, qualités et demeures de tous les conspirateurs qui ont été condamnés à mort par le tribunal révolutionnaire établi à Paris par la loi du 17 août 1792 available at the Gallica Digital Library

These Volumes contain an accurate account of the names of the people who were condemned to death and guillotined in the 3rd year (1793-1794) of the French Republic. Extended information on them is recorded:

  • Age
  • Profession or Position
  • Military
  • Place of Birth
  • Place of Residence
  • Charges against the Accused
  • Date of Trial & Execution by the Revolution Tribunal -1793-1794 (French Republican Calendar)
  • Hearings and Trial Court
  • The names of Parisienne town squares or other large public places designated as Execution sites

These accurate ten volumes are written out in the same manner of Prudhomme’s volumes. The catalogs lists the names of the condemned executed by the Guillotine as penalty for their crimes. They were judged by the Tribunal Révolutionnaire as enemies of the party as conspirators, accomplices or complicit to conspiracies in the 3rd year of the French Republic (1793-1794). Unfortunately, these tomes are in French and the names were not alphabetically listed but were numbered. You will have to use an online translator

  • Volume 1: 36 pages of the list of names # 1-336
  • Volume 2: 32 pages of the list of names #290 – 486
  • Volume 3: 32 pages of the list of names # 487-686
  • Volume 4: 32 pages of the list of names #687-945
  • Volume 5 : 32 pages of the list of names #936-1191
  • Volume 6: 32 pages of the lists of the condemned #1192- 1498
  • Volume 7: 32 pages of the lists of the guillotined #1499- 1794
  • Volume 8: 32 pages of the lists of the condemned #1796-2140
  • Volume 9: Supplement 32 pages of the lists of the condemned #2506-2742
  • Volume 10: Installment of the new Tribunal Révolutionnaire 31 pages, lists of the names of the condemned #2743-2787, includes the hearings, courtroom drama and information on the genocide at Nantes.

The Rathelot Collection


The Rathelot Collection provides documented death extracts of those who were brought before the French Revolution Tribunal in Paris and executed as conspirators between March 1793 – September 1794. Information you might contains full name, age and place of birth. This source will verify the information from the Paris executions.

Names: Ab- Goy
Index: Ab-Goy

Names: Gra – Zol
Index: T-Z

The later is a bit tricky to get around.

Available at FamilySearch

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